Muslim Council of Britain Welcomes Sentencing of Radovan Karadzic

The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes the sentencing of Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian Serb leader found guilty of genocide and war crimes during the 1992-95 war. His most notorious crime was responsibility for the Bosnian Serb forces who massacred more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica. Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain … Read More

Dismay at Murder of Woman Who Wore Muslim Dress

18th June 2014 The Muslim Council of Britain is dismayed to learn that a Muslim woman has been stabbed to death in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the outskirts of Colchester. The 30-year-old woman, who was walking on the Salary Brook Trail in Essex, was said to be wearing a blue Abaya and a Hijab. There are reports … Read More

Lapshyn Murder: Anti-Muslim Terrorism and the Extremism that Feeds it

25th October 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain today welcomed the sentencing of Pavlo Lapshyn who has been sent to jail for murdering an elderly British Muslim man and attempting to blow up mosques. There are many lessons to be drawn from this case: the response of the authorities, and our collective unwillingness to treat anti-Muslim hatred seriously. Lapshyn’s terrorist activities … Read More

Muslim Council of Britain Voices Dismay at Another Attack on a British Mosque

27th August 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain today condemned the attack on a Harlow mosque that took place over the weekend. Worshippers discovered a blaze, apparently ignited deliberately, on the early hours of Monday morning, 26th August. Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “Thankfully nobody was hurt in this attack. It was only on Friday … Read More

Tipton Explosion Incident

12th July 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain is monitoring unfolding developments in Tipton where an explosion is said to have occurred nearby a mosque. This is the second such incident after a mosque in neighbouring Walsall was the subject of a makeshift bomb attack. We urge for calm as the police authorities conduct its investigations. We are heartened by … Read More

Srebrenica Massacre – 18th Anniversary

Thursday, 11 July 2013 Today, on the 18th anniversary, another 409 victims of the Srebrenica massacre will be reclaimed and buried, including a newborn baby. The massacre of 8000 Muslim men and boys took place in the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was dubbed as ‘the worst atrocity since World War II’. The town was in a … Read More

Make Tea, Not War: British Muslims Urged To Open Mosques To Public

31st May 2013 Muslim Council of Britain urges Muslim communities to seek unity with fellow Britons Urges mosques and communities to be vigilant and avoid confrontation and report attacks Muslim Council of Britain will be encouraging community conversation on extremism   The Muslim Council of Britain today urges Imams and mosques to exercise the unique leadership skills at their disposal to … Read More

Community Advice Following Murder in Woolwich

hursday, 23 May 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain is receiving reports of hate attacks and abuse faced by mosques and individual Muslims following the inexcusable and criminal murder of a British soldier in South London. The MCB is grateful to the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) for preparing an important advisory note which is now being disseminated through … Read More