The Muslim Council of Britain is launching a new website to develop our media monitoring work. If you would like to pitch for this project, please email You will then be provided with the specifications within 2 working days (if not sooner) – we are looking for final proposals by the end of June.


Misreporting about Islam and Muslims is contributing to Islamophobia in the UK, and leading to increasing hostility against Muslims. The situation has become so serious that The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance even called for the UK media to “avoid perpetuating prejudice”, and that “fueling prejudice against Muslims” was “reckless” given the dangerous consequences.

Examples of such stories abound with inaccurate or misleading news reports about Muslims have received hundreds of thousands of shares on social media in 2017, according to analysis by BuzzFeed News, using data provided by Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Miqdaad Versi. These stories are often picked up by other media outlets, including far right websites, and repeatedly shared across multiple social media platforms.

Mr Versi, who led the work on behalf of the MCB, has elicited over 40 corrections from national newspapers through his work over the past year that has involved monitoring the media, raising complaints either to the press regulator IPSO or directly with the publication and sharing outcomes on social media and through the mainstream press.

The media monitoring project is aimed at helping develop this work to the next level, and this website will be a core enabler for its success.