The Muslim Council of Britain encourages all British Muslims eligible to vote to partake in the General Election on 8th June 2017. It’s your vote – Make sure it counts!

The MCB has been working actively to promote voter registration, and encourage Muslims to engage with their local prospective parliamentary candidates on issues that affect them.

We are also urging Imams and community leaders to remind their mosque congregations on the significance of voting and voter turn-out as an important civic responsibility.

On this page, you will find some useful documents about this year’s election.

Not sure who to vote for?

The MCB has created a comparison of different party manifestos against issues that affect and concern Muslims. We hope this will prove to be a useful document to help you make an informed choice when voting.

 Manifesto Comparison

Where the Muslim Vote Might Count

Welcome to MUSLIM VOTE, a platform to engage Muslims to participate in politics.

Fairness, Not Favours – Our Election Document

Comparing the Party Manifestos
Where the Muslim Vote Might Count

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Fairness, Not Favours

This document is from the 2015 General Election and is based on consultations amongst its affiliate network and with focus groups conducted in various UK regions; it also draws on the MCB’s recent publication, ‘British Muslims in Numbers’ that has used 2011 Census data and more recent research to provide a demographic, socio-economic and health profile of Muslims in Britain.

Together, Fairness, Not Favours give voice to the whole range of principles, ideas and concerns that British Muslims will have, not merely for their own interests, but for the common good of our shared future.

Access Document: Fairness, Not Favours

Why Vote?

  • As British Muslims we have a civil obligation to engage in the political process. Political engagement through voting is not a luxury – it is a necessity.
  • When we register to vote and turn out on polling day, the politicians take note. This means they become more responsive to the needs and views of all sections of their constituency.
  • It is our  opportunity to counter the rise of racist and Islamophobic far right political parties, whose supporters are more likely to turn out and vote, and thus secure their position.


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Follow us on both Twitter & Facebook and let us know what you are doing to encourage people to #RegisterToVote or engage in politics both at a local and national level.

We would be delighted to help raise awareness and highlight local initiatives that seek to encourage political participation in the run up to May 7th.

This could range from voter registration drives to hustings events. We’d love to hear from you.