MCB Welcomes High Court ruling in against St Pancras Coroner’s Court ‘Cab Rank’ burial policy

27 April 2017 – The Muslim Council of Britain welcome today’s decision by the High Court to find unlawful the policy for handling burials set by The Senior Coroner at St Pancras Coroner’s Court, London.

As we have reiterated in the past many Muslims require the deceased to be buried as soon as is practicable after death, and that any delay can only be on the basis of legitimate post mortem investigations.

Mrs Mary Hassell’s ‘cab rank’ queuing policy where she indicated that she would not prioritise the release of bodies on religious grounds is therefore ‘discriminatory’ against Muslim and Jewish families, a sentiment echoed by Lord Justice Singh in his findings.

Furthermore the attitude and total disregard shown up until now by the St Pancras Coroner’s Court for the religious sensibilities, as well as the legal rights of religious communities must end and we believe that the way forward on this issue is as Lord Singh has said “a good will on all sides” approach that takes into account the requirements of Muslim and Jewish communities.

The Muslim Council of Britain is ready to offer assistance in this matter.