“A wonderful opportunity to get to know how to maximize your own unique style and to understand how your actions impact others.  A must for people seeking to improve their interpersonal skills.”

“I firmly believe that if a critical mass of community members —especially the current leaders and the young professional —have an opportunity to learn from the LDP and each other, our community will leave a legacy of having trained a cadre of effective leaders who will make tomorrow better than today.”
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Leadership Development Programme

Developing leadership capacity across the Muslim communities in Britain

In partnership with Read Foundation & the Council of European Jamaats, the Muslim Council of Britain is pleased to present the 13th Leadership Development Programme

This shall be a 6 day course in Buckinghamshire over the following dates:

Weekend 1 Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th October 2015
Weekend 2 Friday 6 – Sunday 8th November 2015

For more information please read through the LDP 2015 Brochure

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Aim The aim of this programme is to develop leadership capacity across the Muslim communities in Britan. The type of leaders that will contribute fully for the common good of society.


The 2011 Census figures show that there are now 2.7 million Muslims in Britain. The community is very diverse with over 50% now born in Britain and a similar proportion are aged under 25. Muslims have a much poorer than average socio-economic profile. Large numbers live in very deprived areas. Their housing conditions, health indicators and educational attainments are considerably below national averages. The number of Muslims in the prison population is proportionately thrice their numbers in relation to the national population.

These disadvantages lead to alienation and social exclusion. Strategies have to be developed to change this reality. One way to develop leadership capacity within the Muslim community. Effective leaders have a strategic ability to know what needs doing, understand the people and organisational processes that will get things done and follow ethical and social justice principles to achieve their objectives.

In recent years the community is facing new challenges. Events in the Middle East and the streets of Britain have caused further rifts both between communities as well as internally within the community too. With over 10 years of heritage, the LDP has evolved into a flagship pillar capacity building programme. This programme forms the core of the conversations necessary to skill participants with the tools to help themselves, their families, their communities and wider society. The MCB Foundation Leadership Development Programme can then be progressed and tailored to the needs and interests of individuals.

Knowing oneself and others forms a critical part of this process as well as the ability to reach out and connect with relevant stakeholders. Having good leadership and ‘leader-full’ organisations is critical to the success of the the Muslim community and this programme is designed to help in the personal development of Muslims who are grounded in the community.

Key Learning Outcomes

The key learning outcomes sought are as follows:

• To develop and enhance participants’ core leadership capacity.

• To provide an environment for participants to explore their assumptions, ideas and deepen their values and ethical framework.

• To deepen participants’ self-awareness, reflective practice and emotional intelligence.

• To increase participants’ political and interpersonal intelligence – their abilities to understand others, their operational environments   and to work effectively with complex systems.

• To develop participants’ understanding of the diversity and dynamics of the British society.

• To allow participants to become aware of their inherent power to achieve their vision and goals.


The educational principles underpinning the programme use adult learning models and require participants to fully and actively engage in the process of learning.

The programme will enable participants to explore assumptions, beliefs and attitudes about themselves, the organisations in which they work, the environments in which they operate and the wider British society – in order to enable them to ‘do differently’ where necessary and possible in their everyday lives.

Participant Profile

Participants will be selected by the following criteria:

• Track record of participating & volunteering within the UK Muslim community and be able to provide references from these organisations.

• Can give commitment of time and energy to benefit from the programme.

• A minimum of 5 years work experience after formal education.

• It is desirable that participants are working at senior or middle management in their own organisations and can provide references from their organisations.

• A courageous, action oriented risk taker.

• A potential strategic thinker who has creative ideas and wants to shape and influence the future.

• A reflective practitioner who wishes to learn from experience, group work, as well as formal teaching situations.