Your donation will support the most diverse, democratic, independent British Muslim umbrella body.

Since its inception in 1997, the Muslim Council of Britain has worked to seek the common good. It has remained independent and conducted its work with transparency thanks to the donations from the affiliates and the community.

The MCB’s ground-breaking work in building Muslim unity, celebrating our community, lobbying government, challenging Islamophobia and seeking common cause with fellow Britons has been done thanks to the dedication of volunteers and a small staff team. Your donation is critical to expand our work for the community.


Donations are also received by the MCB Charitable Foundation (MCBCF), an independent entity registered with the Charities Commissioners. Its aim is to build a capital fund through which activities of the MCB that are exclusively charitable can be supported.

The MCBCF supports projects being carried out by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) that fall within one or more of the ‘descriptions of purposes’  listed in the Charities Act that meet the public benefit requirement.  These include the advancement of citizenship or community development (“charitable purposes directed towards support for social and community infrastructure which is focused on the community rather than the individual”) and other categories such as the prevention or relief of poverty; education ;  advancement of religion;  advancement of health. [For a full list see]

Donations to MCBCF qualify for GiftAid  (25p on every £ donated) if you have paid at least as much in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that tax year as you want to claim in Gift Aid.

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The Muslim Council of Britain’s administrative expenses are funded entirely by affiliation fees and donations from Muslim individuals and institutional well-wishers. These financial sources fund the MCB’s core work.

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