The MCB is a national representative body with over 500 affiliates – national, regional and local – schools, mosques, charities and Islamic organisations. It is an independent body, established to promote consultation, cooperation and coordination on Muslim affairs in the United Kingdom.

The Muslim Council of Britain is a non-sectarian body working for the common good without interfering in, displacing or isolating any existing Muslim work in the community. It is a broad-based, representative organisation of Muslims in Britain, accommodating and reflecting the variety of social and cultural backgrounds and outlook of the community.

If your organisation has been in existence for over a year, you can apply to become an affiliate of the MCB by downloading the affiliation form.

Some of the benefits of affiliation include:

  • To have a voting right at the MCB election. (Future election AGMs after 2014)
  • Attend workshops/training courses when organised by the MCB, at discounted rates
  • Networking opportunities at various MCB events
  • Post important event information on the MCB website, where affiliates are given priority
  • An MCB reference letter, if needed.
  • Participation in various MCB Projects that may be of interest to you/your organisation.
  • Opportunity to contribute to MCB’s monthly E-Newsletter.

If you would like to become an affiliate of the MCB, please download the affiliation form here, fill in and send back to us.