Be careful with your health this Ramadan

With some 5 hours only available to eat, drink, sleep and pray, Ramadan in the UK will be tough. Please ensure you look after your health during this blessed time. Factsheets Ramadan Health Fact Sheet 2014 Ramadan and Diabetes: MCB-Diabetes UK leaflet Ramadan and diabetes A detailed guide for people with diabetes  See also Islamic group’s health advice over Ramadan … Read More

Muslim Council of Britain Mourns the Passing of Dr Mohammad Akbar Ali

The Muslim Council of Britain mourns the passing of yet another community pioneer, Dr Mohammad Akbar Ali, inna lillilahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon. Dr Akbar Ali was a leading light of Liverpool’s Muslim community. He died just two weeks after achieving his dream of restoring Britain’s first mosque in Liverpool. We remember Dr Akbar Ali fondly, as one of the … Read More

Muslim Council of Britain Mourns Passing of Dr Abdul Raheem Khan

23 June 2014 The Muslim Council of Britain mourns the passing of Dr Abdul Raheem Khan, a former member of the MCB’s National Council and a former chair of the MCB’s Membership Committee. Dr Abdul Raheem Khan excelled himself as a heart surgeon. Yet, during his medical career and upon his retirement, Dr Raheem Khan was a tireless community worker. … Read More

British Muslims Mourn Passing of Birmingham’s Dr Mohammed Naseem

22nd April 2014 The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) expresses its sadness with the passing away of Dr Mohammed Naseem. For over fifty years he had dedicated his life not only as a Muslim but as a citizen of Birmingham and the United Kingdom. As founding Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque, Dr Naseem was a passionate advocate of cordial community relations … Read More

MADE in Europe: Live Below the Line

n 2014 we are challenging you to Live Below the Line with just £1 per day for 5 days to spend on food and drink – the reality for the 1.2 billion people who live in extreme poverty and survive on this amount every day for everything, not just their food. Live Below The Line is a unique opportunity to … Read More

Have You Got What it Takes? Previous MCB Leaders Giver Their Perspective

The MCB’s Constitution defines the Secretary General’s role as its “official spokesperson”, with responsibilities including convening the General Assembly, directing the work of the National Council in implementing the policies set by the General Assembly, presenting a report of activities to the annual meeting of the General Assembly and convening and chairing meetings of the MCB’s Executive Committee.

Make Tea, Not War: British Muslims Urged To Open Mosques To Public

31st May 2013 Muslim Council of Britain urges Muslim communities to seek unity with fellow Britons Urges mosques and communities to be vigilant and avoid confrontation and report attacks Muslim Council of Britain will be encouraging community conversation on extremism   The Muslim Council of Britain today urges Imams and mosques to exercise the unique leadership skills at their disposal to … Read More

Community Advice Following Murder in Woolwich

hursday, 23 May 2013 The Muslim Council of Britain is receiving reports of hate attacks and abuse faced by mosques and individual Muslims following the inexcusable and criminal murder of a British soldier in South London. The MCB is grateful to the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) for preparing an important advisory note which is now being disseminated through … Read More

Muslims Stand United, Resist Divisive Sectarian Rhetoric

12 May 2013 “And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah, and do not separate.” Quran, Surah Imran, 103 The Muslim Council of Britain today affirms the unity of Muslims, particularly in the UK. We are a community with plural traditions and viewpoints, but united in our faith in Allah and his last Prophet. This is … Read More