The ‘Brotherhood Review’: MCB Letter in The Times

19 December 2015

Today The Times have published a letter from the Muslim Council of Britain. The report follows a government review which makes unsubstantiated and unfounded assertions about the MCB.


Muslim Civic Pride

Sir, It is a mystery to us and to our 500 affiliates that the Muslim Council of Britain has “secret links to the Muslim Brotherhood” (report, Dec 18). It now comes with the territory that any serious British Muslim civil society organisation has its loyalty and commitment to its country questioned. It is unfortunate that the government’s review on the Muslim Brotherhood attempts to tread a similar path.

May we state once again that the Muslim Council of Britain is a British organisation, and that Muslims from a cross-section of Islamic traditions are affiliated to it. Our constitution requires all affiliates to be registered in the UK and to follow the law. All are encouraged to seek the common good by engaging in civic activities. We have consistently opposed and challenged terrorism and we dispute any suggestion that because we organise ourselves as Muslims, and participate in our country’s democratic and civic traditions, we somehow sympathise with or nurture extremists.

Dr Shuja Shafi

Secretary general, Muslim Council of Britain